The commitment to science is also strictly connected with a commitment to quality. B Natural created a quality label for bee products extract: “B Natural Quality Inside” that is not only a brand but a seal of quality covering all the stages of the relationship with our customers and partners; the “B Natural quality inside” logo can be added to the labeling of the products developed by our customers, to guarantee consumers the product they buy contains propolis answering the most stringent standards.


Quality is the key we identified to ensure to B Natural’s propolis extracts a long-term success. This, results in workable products whose ingredients are accurately balanced and thus suitable for the most varied formula needs of Customers.

Our quality-focused approach begins with the state of health of our workers, the bees. The products must not contain pollutants, allergising substances, or that reduce their bioavailability. Our operators attend annual specialization courses in order to be constantly updated, along with the most accurate selection and control of suppliers and raw materials.

We follow strict procedures to regulate our manufacturing process and are subjected to third parties certifications (GMP – ISO – Organic). Our quality journey is then completed with the Customers’ scientific and technical support service.

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