When a company is grounded in passion, this feeling tends to overflow the business boundaries and to find unexpected expressions. This was what happened when Alfredo Fachini (CEO of B Natural and passionate about art) invited the painter Maurizio Bottoni to visit one of B Natural’s beekeeping site.

My obsession lies in trying to understand and describe the small perfect systems that together make up our world …“, said the painter in an interview. And how could he not get excited about the beehive, which is one of most perfect systems in nature?
Not surprisingly, the meeting with B Natural has thus transformed into what initially was to be a “small painting”, but which then became a unique masterpiece, where hyperrealism merges with interpretation and the care of every smallest detail disclose the essence of complexity: the invisible behind the visible.

A huge job (to create it the artist has painted – one by one – 16,000 hexagonal cells and 2,400 bees!) that resulted in an extraordinary triptych representing a beehive and its queen bee.

The painting is often included in catalogs and exhibitions, the last of which is the personal Maurizio Bottoni. Beyond the image, inaugurated at Villa Giulia in Pallanza (VB) on 11th July and opened to the public until 20th August.

Maurizio Bottoni was born in Milan in 1950. He has had solo exhibitions in private and public galleries, in Italy and abroad. In 2005 the Panorama Museum in Germany dedicated him a large anthological exhibition, recognizing him as one of the most interesting European artists. Pupil and heir of Giorgio de Chirico, Bottoni has a very personal “timeless” style, anchored in tradition but perfectly integrated into the contemporary world. Each of his works is a careful observation of man and nature around him, but also an opportunity for meditation and spiritual insight.
He lives and works in Milan.