Scientific substantiation of the health benefits of propolis: launch of an ambition innovation program on Promunel™


Fytexia and B Natural are announcing the rebranding of their propolis-based ingredient Propolis M.E.D.® as Promunel™, as part of an ambitious innovation program.

The group, recently acquired by Associated British Foods’ specialty ingredients division, ABF Ingredients, is rebranding its flagship propolis extract as Promunel™. The new brand  will now refer to all scientifically supported grades of propolis extracts characterized by the polyphenol fingerprint obtained from the patented Multi Dynamic Extraction process (M.E.D.®).

This strategic move supports the start of a program of scientific investigation to reinforce the clinical support around this ingredient, with a priority given to the development of new proof of efficacy on immunity and improvement of the symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections. These scientific studies investments are carried out as part of the polyphenol specialist’s strategy to significantly contribute to the reduction of risk factors for mild infections and non-communicable diseases.

Propolis is already widely used across the globe as a traditional remedy for coughs, colds and associated symptoms. Nevertheless, the high variability of this natural compound, processed by the bees to protect and sanitize the beehive, has always made it a challenge. It has long been difficult to obtain standardized and consistent extracts on the market. Propolis extracts used in clinical studies were rarely properly characterized, limiting the scientific development of this ingredient. Over the past decade, B Natural has been working on the development of a proprietary patented method for extracting brown propolis (the propolis Multi Dynamic Extraction “M.E.D.”) to offer healthcare product formulators fully characterized propolis extracts with a consistent polyphenolic profile characteristic of propolis. This ability to develop an extract with a reproducible profile in active compounds is the departure point for reliable and reproducible scientific research to establish Promunel™ as the new natural standard for family care.

This new scientific research will reinforce the existing body of evidence to support Promunel™. A pilot clinical study proving its efficacy for the symptoms of coughs and colds was published in 2020 in Phytomedicine and a new ex vivo study recently published in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy in April 2022 demonstrates the capacity for modulating Promunel™ microbiota of in order to modulate  the immune response.  Additional data proving the virucidal activity of Promunel™ on viruses responsible for cold and flu will soon be released for publication.

Fytexia’s expertise in polyphenol science, combined with B Natural’s superior knowledge of propolis, helps turn propolis from a traditional product into a central ingredient for the healthcare industry over the next few years. Promunel™ is available in various grades, allowing application in multiple delivery systems.

Promunel™ branded products will now be available for use by European and Asian healthcare players choosing the leading grade of brown propolis for the development of their upcoming innovation.

Promunel™ was already available to US-based customers through Fytexia Group’s partnership with the distribution company PLT.