Alfredo Fachini, President and Scientific Director of B Natural, has joined the ISO Technical Committee (ISO TC 34/SC 19) in charge of defining and setting the standardization of all forms of bee products.

The scope of the Committee – that is actually a “subcommittee” of the “Food Products” Committee (ISO TC 34) – covers all the steps of the collection, manufacturing, testing, packaging, labelling, storage and transportation of any bee products (honey, beewax, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, etc.).

The presence of Dr. Fachini brings to the group the unique knowledge and competence matured by B Natural, the company that has won the challenge to blend natural power and scientific control in making propolis extracts available for high quality formulations.

B Natural has patented the Dynamic Multi Extraction method (M.E.D.®), an exclusive technology of extraction that allows to obtain an intact, identified and characterized polyphenolic complex, which can be used to obtain solid or liquid extracts containing always the same complex with the same activity.

The production of standardized, replicable propolis extracts is the fundamental requirement in order to develop not only an effective quality control, but also a broader validation of scientific studies and dose/effects tests.

The Bee Products Committee is chaired by Dr. Chi Zhang and counts about 20 participating members from different countries all over the world.