We must take care of the water, we must use it efficiently and return the water that comes out of the plant in such a way that it does not harm the environment“.

The patented extraction process of Dynamic Multi Extraction (M.E.D.®) uses food ethyl alcohol as the main solvent while maintaining the total naturalness of the B Natural extracts.

However, having the need to wash and reclaim our production plants, for several years we have been using a system for treatment of the pH of wastewater that allows us to achieve a degree of purification of the same, with a minimum environmental impact and in any case within the limits established for law.

This year, as part of a broader environmental protection project, B Natural has decided to pursue the objective of minimizing the impact of washing water on the environment, deciding not only to dispose of the washing water at pH controlled through the sewer system but to collect them in a tank from which they are taken and, after treatment in a biological plant, they are made 100% reusable.