B Natural is proud to be a keynote speaker at Interna onal Propolis Research Group (IPRG) conference held on line on 27th and 28th May.
Through several speeches we will present our latest scien c evidences on ac vity of Propolis M.E.D.® against infections promoted by enveloped RNA respiratory viruses.

The Prof.ssa Carolina Scagnolari will make a deep dive into the effects of Propolis M.E.D.® against Sars-COV2 evidenced in our latest research study performed at Spallanzani Institute, Rome.

It will be discussed about the activity of standardized propolis in upper respiratory tract infection, proved through the frst human double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial described by Dr. Vincenzo Zaccaria, our R&D and Scien c Manager.

Dr. Sevda Demir from Yeditepe University of Instanbul will present a research based on evaluation of an viral activities of different standardized propolis extracts.

We will show also latest results of effectiveness of Propolis M.E.D.® in non-surgical periodontal therapy in the speech presented by Prof. Volpi of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Aware of the importance of analytical characteriza on of propolis, we will also discuss about our latest developed analytical method for separation of Artepillin C, the main active principle in green propolis.

IPRG has been created in 2016 with the aim to explore, guide and coordinate the work of researchers in exploring the many proper es of propolis in both human and bee health and agriculture.

Here the calendar of our speeches:

May 27th 2021

13:00 (italian time) –  Dr Vincenzo Zaccaria “Standardized Propolis on upper respiratory tract infections in humans

13:30 (italian time) – Dr. Nicola Volpi “Effectiveness of a standardized Propolis extract in non-surgical periodontal therapy

16:45 (italian time) – Dr. Nicola Volpi “Capillary electrophoresis separation of Artepillin C: determination in Brazilian green Propolis

May 28th 2021

11:00 (italian time) -Dr. Sevda Demir “Evaluation of Antiviral Activities of different Standardized Propolis Extracts

15:00 (italian time) – Dr. Carolina Scagnolari “Analysis of virucidal activity of standardized Propolis extracts against enveloped (i.e. coronaviruses) and non-enveloped RNA viruses