B Natural celebrates its 10th birthday. In these ten years it has been able to build trust and loyalty, becoming one of the main international players in the market of bee products’ extracts, especially of Propolis’ extracts.

But the story of B Natural’s values and expertise, had started long before, thirty years earlier to be precise…

In 1980, in fact, dr. Luciano Imbriani, father of the current CEO of B Natural – began the pioneering production of the first propolis extracts.

For him – a computer scientist with a passion for bees –  it was a dream come true. A dream born several years before, in the 70s, when he was first fascinated by that hard and dark substance that he was founding in the beehives: it was propolis, indeed. He knew nothing about it then, but he saw that the beekeepers threw it away and he wondered how it was possible that such a perfectly efficient organization as a beehive loose time in making something useless.

He decided to know more about that substance. He learnt that propolis had an ancient and consolidated tradition as a peasant remedy for many ailments, but this was not enough. He wanted to deepen his studies, even if it was quite a challenge. “I found only texts in foreign language – says dr. Imbriani – There was no internet and therefore collecting information was not easy. I even had Cyrillic texts translated! Nothing could stop me from going beyond the usual notions, searching for more scientific and illuminating knowledge”.

Together with research and theoretical learning, dr. Imbriani started also practical experimentation: he did the first tests at home, among the imaginable perplexities of his family, who also became the trier of his first food and cosmetic preparations. But it was soon clear that his passion could no longer be confined to a home activity. Thus, he took over an old ice cream parlor and turned it in a laboratory, which quickly saw the start of a growing “industrial” production.

It was the 1980s and the first real food supplements were born at that time. Propolis was little known, but some foreign influences, especially French, made it possible to speed up the development of products and technologies. The Italian creativity of dr. Imbriani made a fundamental contribution to this development: combining cosmetic techniques with those of liquors manufacturing, he found the way to break down the great limit of propolis, that was its insolubility in water. Thanks to this system, he managed to obtain a water-dispersible product with very good organoleptic characteristics, which was immediately welcome by the market, as it was more bioavailable and suitable for the needs of pharmaceutical products.

When in 2010 a group of entrepreneurs, with different skills in the field of plant extracts and beekeeping, took over Dr. Imbriani’s business with the aim of better leveraging its BtoB vocation and developing its potential on international markets, the main ingredients for rapid growth were all there.


B Natural added to the inherited know-how a relevant increase in production capacity and much higher investments on R&D, speeding up its evolution towards not only the well-known patented extraction method (M.E.D.® – Dynamic Multi Extraction), but especially towards an innovative, strictly scientific approach to making propolis’ natural power available for human health: M.E.D.® Propolis is the first characterized and standardized propolis extract with scientifically proven activity.

Keeping tradition and innovation together, developing new strategies, resources and products without abandoning the original platform of ethical values ​​and scientific meticulousness, maintaining a strong personalized relationship with customer, is still – after a decade – the richness of B Natural, the driver that brought it to be not only a successful company but also a dynamic reality able to make an important contribution to current and future health challenges.