B Natural, the Propolis company

In 1980 Dr. Luciano Imbriani had the intuition on the potential use of Propolis and developed a method to make it soluble in water, with the result that more bioavailable products suitable for pharmaceutical products were obtained. In 2010 Luca, Luciano’s son, together with two business friends, with different skills in the field of plant extracts and beekeeping, took over the father’s activity with the mission of producing extracts of high quality propolis and other derivatives of beekeeping products.

Major investments in the development of technologies have made it possible to develop a method (patented) for the complete extraction of polyphenols, to characterize them and to standardize extracts.

These products were then studied together with prestigious Italian and foreign universities that documented the activities related to the dosage of the standardized polyphenol complex.

Thanks to the experience due to a long tradition and advanced technical and scientific skills, B Natural is today one of the world leaders in propolis extracts.


Propolis is a product that is included in animal products but has plant active ingredients (polyphenols).

This has greatly limited the studies of this product that had no interest in either botanists or zootechnics and, despite being the richest polyphenol product in nature, there are very few serious pharmaceutical studies.

In the world propolis is used multiple unknown activities and indications in Europe where it is known to be the remedy of beekeepers.

Transforming a traditional product into a product with documented human health activities certifying its effective doses is the mission of B Natural.


Working with beekeeping products, environmental sensitivity is a key point.

B Natural is committed to ensuring maximum care and protection of bees through a sustainable sourcing and also trough support and incentive to sustainable beekeeping. Distances from polluted areas, reasonable honey collection methods, periodical cleaning of the beehives and the prohibition to use antibiotics or chemical synthetic drugs to prevent and treat bee diseases are just few examples of our care for bees and their environment.

B Natural obtains its products using only natural food grade solvents, controls emissions into the environment and collects waste water to dispose of them safely.


Support for beekeepers

Today, 90% of bees are raised by beekeepers and without them these pollinators would not exist and 70% of our food would be at risk. Climate change is reducing honey production and the number of beekeepers abandoning the business more and more important every year.

B Natural, in addition to investing directly in beekeeping, is an industrial partner as an outlet also for secondary productions (Propolis, Pollen, etc.) to give beekeepers economic support to carry out this important activity.

Investment in research

Every year B Natural invests more than 10% of its profits in research involving Italian and European universities and researchers, creating a virtuous circle: on the one hand supporting a sector where public funding has been greatly reduced and on the other hand developing innovative natural products for human health

Professional growth of employees

Investing in young people by allowing internships followed by recruitment and believing in their professional growth by enrolling them in technical courses allows them to have a team of motivated and high-level operators.

Our Team

Luca Imbriani

Alfredo Fachini

Scientific Director
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Paolo Passarella

Production manager and purchasing manager
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Alberto Cozzi

General sales manager
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Fytexia, a life science company, expert in polyphenols for the nutraceutical industry, was looking to make a strategic investment in a source of propolis, the richest natural source of polyphenols.

With its distribution organization and experience in clinical trial, Fytexia was the perfect partner for a strategic agreement

The two companies were first interested in a business partnership. But it became obvious that an equity partnership was the best option to create a strong European leader in polyphenols and to anchor the long-term cooperation agreement. Fytexia has invested in B Natural to accelerate its growth and is now defining a plan for co-investment to develop new propolis-centered products.

Visit www.fytexia.com

Work with us

B Natural, European leader in the production of propolis extracts, is always looking for new figures to be included in our staff in the various sectors present in the company: commercial, production, research and development, quality and regulatory.

One of the objectives of the company is to make its employees grow also thanks to professionalizing courses.

The company, in constant growth, is always looking for personnel able to fill the roles that are gradually created within the structure.

From young talents to experienced professionals can submit their resume for selection.

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