The genitourinary system includes the organs of the reproductive and urinary systems. These organs are usually linked together due to their common embryological origin, proximity to each other, and use of common structural pathways. The genitourinary tract tissues are constantly exposed to adverse conditions that result in a wide variety of abnormalities often caused by infection and inflammation.

Genitourinary tract infections, caused by bacteria, protozoa and less frequently by fungus (Candida spp.) or virus, constitute one of the most frequent diseases in daily clinical practice. The incidence is different in both sexes and different ages. In particular, after infancy and up to 55 years they hit mainly the female sex (in particular cystitis), while by age 50 it results affected also the male sex mainly due to obstructive problems and the bladder emptying related to prostatic hypertrophy.

More than 340 million new cases of sexually transmitted bacterial and protozoal infections occur worldwide every year. In Europe STI represent the most common infections after respiratory ones. Today we know about thirty different STI caused by over twenty different microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasites.

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B Natural Propolis Activity in Intimate care

The antibacterial activity of Propolis M.E.D. and it’s proved antinflammatory and antioxidant activity (Zaccaria et al 2017, Curti et al 2019, Zaccaria et al 2019), the low pH (pH<5 in all extracts), the no activity against Lactobacillus spp., suggest using the characterized polyphenol complex as alternative therapy to cure and to maintain the health of vaginal tract.

The most common pharmaceutical forms used in intimate area care are: ovuls, creams, lavages and oral capsules. For these applications we suggest to use:

  • Hydrogliceric extract GREIT®
  • Dry extract ESIT®
  • Extract in oil POLE®

All these extracts are standardized and available with different concentration of polyphenols while maintaining the characterized polyphenol complex of Propolis M.E.D.

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