The innate interdependence between the success of the business and the well-being of the bees, is a constant incentive to fuel sustainability as part of B Natural development and expansion strategies.

B Natural is in fact an ecosystem in which sustainability and development find a synthesis on which company’s mission is grounded: establishing a profitable “exchange” with bees, aimed at having them sharing with us some of their precious products (with particular reference to propolis), in order to manufacture high quality extracts destined to the health of men, animals and plants.

The quality and efficacy of our products strictly depends on the wellbeing of the “supplying” bees to whom B Natural is committed to ensuring maximum care and protection.

B Natural & bees

B Natural is not only extracting Value from Nature, but it is returning Value to Nature, in a balanced and sustainable win-win relationship.

It is more than a manufacturing process: it’s a virtuous circle of value generation.

At present, globally, the survival of the different species of bees is endangered by a series of factors: climate change, chemical pesticides and agro-pharmaceuticals, extensive monocultural cultivation, globalization of natural enemies, genetic weakening, non-professional beekeepers… The result is a mortality of bees that, for the European colonies, is around a worrying 20%! With the exception of some limited areas on earth, wild bees have disappeared: their survival is mainly entrusted to beekeepers…

In this perspective, a company like B Natural plays a very important role in maintaining biodiversity and natural balances, not only through sustainable sourcing, but also thorugh support and incentive to sustainable beekeeping.