B Natural, the Propolis company

Leveraging a 30 years experience working with natural products, B Natural is committed to EXTRACTING VALUE and QUALITY from NATURE (particularly from BEEHIVES), combining ETHICAL approach, ENVIRONMENT protection, and SCIENTIFIC method.

PROPOLIS is the main B Natural ’s specialty.

Inspired by the outstanding work of bees, B Natural has the aim to create unique products, offering to the most demanding manufacturers and formulators high quality, standardized propolis extracts and other beehive’s derivatives.

A patented extraction method

Natural has won the challenge of reconciling nature and science.

The patented Dynamic Multi Extraction (M.E.D.®) method, allows B Natural to produce extracts of Propolis able to retain all the natural power while submitting it to a strict scientific control.

The result is Propolis M.E.D. , with its identified and characterize polyphenol complex that has changed the perspective of propolis-based products development and study.

A “quality first” approach

B Natural undertakes to provide customers with products and services of high quality.

Customer satisfaction, scientific research, innovation focus, regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability are the keywords of a business approach centered on quality and continuous improvement.

This attitude, together with a consolidated know-how, is leading B Natural in its ability to serve demanding customers in more than 20 countries worldwide.

An increasing production capacity

B Natural is specialized in the production of Propolis extracts obtained with the patented Multi Dynamic Extraction method (M.E.D.®).

We have a line of extraction of Propolis through a reactor, a concentrator and an automated filtering system able to produce more than 200 tons of Propolis extracts.

There are also three lines for the production of our main extracts:

  1. a line with a spray drying equipment for the production of hydro-dispersible Propolis power extracts ESIT®, Propolsave® and Honey Powder.
  2. a line for the production of non-alcoholic extracts such as the hydro-glyceric extracts GREIT® and phyto-preparations based on hydro-glyceric extract, glycolic and oily extracts.
  3. a line for the production of granulated powder extracts.

B Natural industrial plants work in accordance with HACCP procedures and they are ISO and ORGANIC certified.

What makes customers believe in us?

  • HIGH SPECIALIZATION: we deal only with bee products and especially propolis.
  • INNOVATION: we always search for new ideas to innovate our products and diversify them from the others on the market.
  • KNOWLEDGE and FLEXIBILITY: our expertise is part of our offering, with the aim to help customers develop successful products.
  • SAFETY: we never forget our first end users are children! This awareness leads us to make sure our extracts are safe and reliable.
  • RESEARCH: we are an ever evolving company. Thanks to constant R&D, we keep on improving our products and adjusting them to market needs.


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Propolis M.E.D. contains an intact, complete, identified and characterized polyphenolic complex, extracted through our patented M.E.D.® process.

Collected on the flowers by the worker-bees the pollen becomes entomophilus after a re-elaboration (salivary secretions and nectar).

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